Turnkey Custom Corrugated Packaging Solutions

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Creative Packaging offers packaging solutions services from concept to delivery - Design, Testing, Shipping and Distribution, Contract Packaging and Fulfillment, and Warehousing.

Design Design Services

Our in-house design services create the perfect box or display for you. Our knowledge of corrugated sheet combinations allows us to find the most cost-effective solution to protect, ship, and display your products.

Creative Packaging in-house design services

Testing Testing products

We can provide the necessary documents to assist in your carrier negotiations regarding the insuring of your product and packaging as well as testing your current packaging to determine the most cost-effective material.

testing your packaging

Shipping and Distribution Shipping and Distribution Icon

We own and manage our fleet of trucks and drivers at our manufacturing locations. With our sister company, Package Crafters in High Point, North Carolina, our geographic footprint allows us to ship throughout the Southeastern United States.

Creative Packaging Trucks

Contract Packaging and Fullfillment Contract Packaging and Fullfillment Icon

We perform a range of services in which we receive and catalog, assemble, barcode, tag, sort, label, and pack your product. Once it is prepared to your specification, we deliver it directly to your distribution center or work with your carrier to deliver it to your chosen location.

Creative Packaging Staff

Warehousing Warehousing on site

Our on-site warehousing is efficient and available.

Creative Packaging warehouse
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